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When Stephanie and I decided to embark on the journey of Laurel Salon, we agreed that the “why” behind our vision was equal to, if not more important than what we did and what we sold. Our “why” is and has always been to take care of people and inspire the reflection of inner and outer beauty in everyone we touch. We’re good at making people look beautiful, but we’re great at making people feel beautiful.

grow in love

What you See is What You Feel

Our “why” is reflected in every aspect of Laurel Salon. We have created a space that is aesthetically beautiful with an undercurrent of joy. The energetic offering of our salon is one of love and peacefulness; it flows through every door, every hallway, and hopefully it is felt by all who enter.

Our services are infused with love, compassion and human connection. Our restorative modalities promote self-love and facilitate internal work and healing. We strive to bring out the “lightness” in each other and our guests, the part that is often stifled by the obligations, “should’s” and stresses of our lives.

Our desire is that our “why’s” are felt by our team and our guests. Instead of wondering if our message is being received, we decided to ask.



Please meet Beth Lundy. Beth and her family have been guests of Laurel Salon since August of 2014. Beth is funny, kind and loves to laugh. She has been so encouraging and complimentary of our business. We are fortunate to know her and have her as a guest. Here’s what she had to say…

Beth - Laurel Salon

Why Laurel Salon?

“I began visiting Laurel Salon before it WAS Laurel Salon. Almost two years ago, new to Okemos and the Lansing area, I began my search for a salon and a place for reflexology. That is how I met Janae. Have you ever met someone or been somewhere and knew it feels “right” and you were in the right place…where you were supposed to be? That is how it was with Janae and her salon after my first reflexology appointment. Then later, when services expanded to hair I felt the same with Stephanie and Shanell. Then later again with Aubrey and Mary. Each have become the people I depend upon to take care of me and my kids from head to foot. I trust them for honest opinions and feedback on our hair and our health as well as any topic we laugh about, debate or discuss. I trust them, depend on them and call them all friends.”

“But it isn’t just the excellent services. I have had great services at other Salons but did not feel comfortable and did not want to return for a second visit. Not so at the Laurel Salon. Janae, Stephanie and their staff go out of their way to make the salon a welcoming place. When I walk in the door I am always greeted and never left to wonder where to go or what to do. I know I can be myself and feel relaxed to do so. I come back to the Laurel Salon because they have become my friends and they take care of us so well. So, why NOT Laurel Salon?”

We’d like to hear from you. Why do you choose Laurel Salon? If you’re interested, please shoot us a line and we’d love to feature you in our monthly addition of #whylaurel.

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