Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing

I’ve been interested in natural healing modalities for some time, however I had been unfamiliar with the great benefits of Muscle Testing until recently. One of my friends told me about Dr. Haase’s Natural Health Improvement Center PC. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Joel had performed Muscle Testing on her, and through its diagnostic capabilities and the introduction of supplements to her diet based on the deficiencies that were found, her liver enzymes went from close to liver failure to in the normal range. Luckily, when my partner’s health was compromised a few months later, I recalled our conversation and scheduled her an appointment. I have since seen both Dr. Joel and Dr. Lisa at The Natural Health Improvement Center and have witnessed my own health improve.

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle Testing is based on the concept of internal energy and the body’s muscular response to internal energetic and emotional blockages and exposure to physical (external) factors. According to, “Muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs. It involves testing the body’s responses when applying slight pressure to a large muscle, to provide information on energy blockages, the functioning of the organs, nutritional deficiencies, and food sensitivities, among other things. It can also be used to test the body’s responses to herbs and other remedies.”

Stephanie’s Experience

Relief of Heart Burn

Stephanie has had Acid Reflux for the last 2 years. It got so bad that her throat burned constantly and she used Prilosec like we owned stock in the company. A scope and stomach biopsy determined that Stephanie had H Pylori, a bacterial infection in the stomach. She was prescribed 3 antibiotics that made her violently ill. Panicked, she stopped the medicine and went to see Dr. Lisa.

Dr. Lisa Muscle Tested Stephanie and recommended natural supplements to kill the infection. Stephanie started to feel better immediately. Following the medical doctor’s orders, Stephanie was tested 3 months later to make sure the infection was gone. The test came back negative for H Pylori!! In traditional medicine, H Pylori is eradicated through the use of antibiotics, medication and as a last resort, surgery. Stephanie was able to rid herself of the bacterial infection homeopathically and without adverse side effects. I’m so thankful she became her own health advocate.

My Experience:

Close-up of a brush with lost hair on it, on white backgroundI started seeing Dr. Lisa a few months ago because my hair was falling out in clumps after I would shower. This was affecting my self-esteem and creating tremendous anxiety regarding my health. Muscle Testing determined that I had a b12 deficiency and an infection in my uterus that was throwing off my Endocrine System. Dr. Lisa recommended supplements and advised that I boost my cruciferous vegetable intake. Within 4 days of of this health regimen, my hair stopped falling out in mass quantities! I also have more energy, improved muscle tone and have even lost some weight.  As of now, I am seeing both Dr. Lisa and Dr. Joel for Muscle Testing as a way for continued health improvement of my physical and emotional body!

Self Testing

Conceptual Image With The Word HealThere are many ways to perform Muscle Testing on yourself. Below is a common technique Healing-with-EFT suggests using. More techniques can be found at Learning Self Muscle Testing

Ring or “O” finger technique: “in this self testing technique you touch the tips of the pinky and thumb of one hand making an ‘O’ shape. Using the index finger of the other hand, insert it into the ‘O’ and try to pull it apart where the pinky and thumb meet. At the same time, resist the pull with the pinky and thumb that are making the ‘O’. If the index finger opens the ‘O’, that is a weak signal or a ‘no’. If the ‘O’ stays closed, that is a strong signal or ‘yes’.”

I believe that our own bodies are profoundly intelligent and capable of communicating on every level where there are challenges and what we need to obtain optimal health. I am thankful to have discovered Muscle Testing and to be under the care of health professionals who recognize the body’s God-given potential to heal itself.


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