Our Tribute to Grandma Laurel
Grandma Laurel

eet my Grandma “Laurel”

This is my beautiful grandma, Laurel (or Laurie as she prefers to be addressed) Quirk. She was my first “client” at the ripe ole’ age of three, and the most beautiful soul I know. I used to pretend that I was her hairdresser, scold her for “cheating” on me when she would see another hairdresser and beg her to let me cut her hair with the kitchen shears. My relentless nagging eventually broke this poor woman down and she let me cut just two hairs at a time. She is truly a saint!

My grandma is the embodiment of true beauty and has so many attributes that I wish to attain. She is kind, gives without expectation and loves deeply and demonstratively. Her enthusiasm and encouraging spirit are infectious; I’ve never seen a person exude so much joy by watching another evolve and achieve his/her dreams. Her love and acceptance of you comes with no demands, judgment or strings attached. My grandma finds the good in every person and situation, celebrates with you in your wins and grieves with you in your sorrows. Her intuitiveness, compassion and empathy for others has taught me the true meaning of grace. Laurel Quirk’s beauty is timeless and she the classiest lady I know.


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