Laurel Salon – from inspiration to creation

In the Beginning

THE pedi-CURE Private Salon Studios has seen quite a few changes since its inception three and a half years ago. It started out with just me, in a little room on Dobie Rd, performing pedicures and reflexology.

original buildingI had a little plaque in my room that said “Everything big starts little” with a picture of an acorn on it. I used to look at it as I was filling a foot bath for my guest and dream of a day when I had a salon of my own with amazing people to work with. It seemed pretty impossible at the time.

And Then There Were 4

Four EmployeesLast year THE pedi-CURE moved to our current space on Okemos Road, and Stephanie and Shanell, who perform hair services, joined my team of me, myself and I. Aubrey, who performs manicures and pedicures, joined us last month. It has been great to have such amazing people to work with every day and to feed off of the positive energy and creativity that each one brings to the table. Working with kind, good hearted people makes for great work days; I’m really lucky! We love taking care of people, and that is truly a point of difference that makes our salon unique.

Movin’ on Up

Since our salon now provides hair color, haircuts and other hair services, we feel it necessary to re-brand and choose a new name that is all encompassing, that reflects who we are and why we do what we do. After much contemplation and deliberation, we’ve decided on the perfect name, one that is meaningful, beautiful and timeless… Laurel Salon.

Please Meet Laurel

LaurelThis is my beautiful grandma, Laurel (or Laurie as she prefers to be addressed) Quirk. She was my first “client” at the age ripe ole’ age of three, and the most beautiful soul I know. I used to pretend that I was her hairdresser, scold her for “cheating” on me when she would see another hairdresser and beg her to let me cut her hair with the kitchen shears. My relentless nagging eventually broke this poor woman down and she let me cut just two hairs at a time. She is truly a saint!

My grandma is the embodiment of true beauty and has so many attributes that I wish to attain. She is kind, gives without expectation and loves deeply and demonstratively. Her enthusiasm and encouraging spirit are infectious; I’ve never seen a person exude so much joy by watching another evolve and achieve his/her dreams. Her love and acceptance of you comes with no demands, judgment or strings attached. My grandma finds the good in every person and situation, celebrates with you in your wins and grieves with you in your sorrows. Her intuitiveness, compassion and empathy for others has taught me the true meaning of grace. Laurel Quirk’s beauty is timeless and she the classiest lady I know.

Laurel Salon

If I achieve nothing else in this life, I hope that my energy, words and actions make others feel loved, appreciated and worthwhile, just as my grandma does every day in her own life. Our goal at Laurel Salon is to make everyone, team members and guests alike, feel valued and beautiful. We want our energy, environment, attitudes and service to be just as impressive as our haircuts, hair color, nail services and reflexology. Love and passion are the whys behind what we do. Whether we occupy one room (like in the beginning) or grow into something beyond our wildest dreams, we will always value people more than things and our success and accomplishments will be measured not in dollars but by how we make people feel about themselves. Thank you grandma for being the best example a gal could ask for, Stephanie and I are honored to have our salon bear your name.

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