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More Than A Fluff & Buff

More Than A Fluff & Buff

THE pedi-CURE Private Salon Studios is not the first business to provide hair, nail and reflexology services. In fact, you can find a salon on almost every block in our area. The market is over-saturated and the services are as “run of the mill” as they are accessible. I could go on and on about how our services are the best and our technicians are amazing at their craft (all would be true), but I’m sure you’ve heard that song and dance before. Instead I want to talk about Why we do what we do and the experiences we create for our guests. After all, if you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, what’s the point of doing it, right?

Our Why

Why Hair SalonWhy do we do what we do at THE pedi-CURE Private Salon Studios? Our answer is simple…we want to create great experiences for people. Take a minute and try and recall a great dinner at a nice restaurant. You remember the way the food melted in your mouth, the aroma, the ambiance of the restaurant, the great conversation and the way you felt in that moment. I bet that this memory is so vivid and pleasant that when recalling it you are filled with the same emotions you felt during the actual experience. Yet you don’t remember what you had for lunch that same day. It’s all about the experience!
THE pedi-CURE Private Salon Studios strives to create an experience that you’ll fondly recall and want to re-create again and again. It’s about the emotions evoked in you when sipping great coffee, flipping through a fashion magazine and relaxing in a beautiful, private studio. It’s the feeling you get when you’re actually able to have a meaningful conversation with your technician, without the noise and listening ears of other patrons. It’s about how you feel during your scalp massage, the aromas you take in from our shampoos, conditioners and styling products. And it’s about how you feel about yourself, when you leave with beautiful hair color, a great haircut and rejuvenated hands and feet from a killer Reflexology manicure and pedicure. Time is so precious, we want our guests to enjoy their’s to the fullest when they share that time with us.

Very Important Person

VIPAren’t we all Very Important People? Why do only celebrities and hoity-toities get a private room in the back of an upscale salon? Well we say NO MORE! At THE pedi- CURE Private Salon Studios, every guest receives our undivided attention and their service performed in a private studio. No longer do you need to feel self-conscious about having your hair, reflexology and nail services done in front of a room full of people. Again, it’s all about your experience

Beauty from the Inside Out

Peach Health WellnessShouldn’t what you put on your body nourish it, be pleasant to the touch and enjoyable to breathe in? Every product we use on our guests has to be natural, healthy and achieve amazing results. THE pedi-CURE Private Salon Studios carries/uses Organic Colour Systems, SpaRitual Nail Lacquers and The Lime & The Coconut body care. All three lines are vegan, ammonia free, paraben free, plastic free and made with 100% Certified Organic Ingredients. Beauty should always be good for us.

Schedule an Experience

Laurel SalonCome in and see for yourself what a new kind of salon experience feels like. Schedule a haircut, color service, reflexology session or manicure and pedicure at 517.927.2267 or if you want to make an appointment online, CLICK HERE.

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