Color My Winter

Color My Winter

For many of us, winter’s short days and frigid temperatures take their toll on our looks, especially our hair color. We’d rather cuddle up on the couch and eat a casserole than muster up the ambition to get our trend-setting, creative juices flowing. Luckily, 2015 hair color trends are now at your fingertips, so read on my friend…

Oh Baby Bay Bay

Babylights Hair Color Trend
Remember those natural, sunkissed strands that would reveal themselves mid summer when you were a kid? Well say hello to “Babylights.” According to Organic Colour Systems, “Babylights have the ability to add a hint of youth to your client’s overall appearance. Babylights are particularly low maintenance, and can be done on all hair types.”

Pour Some Vino on Me

Hair Color Trends for Brunettes“According to Pantone, an expert color company, 2015’s Color of the Year is Marsala – a robust and earthy wine red. Elegant and multifaceted, Marsala can act as a bold statement color or complementary tone for many of your browns and reds.”

On the wine spectrum, these popular hair colors can range from deep violets and deep plums (think Pinot Noir) to dark red hues (think Merlot). “This hair color trend is extremely versatile and can look great on all skin tones. For cooler complexions, focus on your purple, eggplant hues; for warmer skin tones, add a few brownish-red colors to ensure skin does not appear yellow or sallow.”

All that Glitters isn’t Gold

Copper Hair Color
“Copper hues are trending for almost all hair colors this season. Whether you’re an apricot blonde, spicy red, or a dimensional brunette, copper tones are the perfect partner for hair colors with a golden hue. This hair color trend is best suited for neutral to warm complexions with gold, peach or yellow undertones.”

Silver Foxy Momma

Silver Colored HairGrey is no longer a must cover! Once considered the enemy, it is now this year’s fashion statement for women of all ages. “Organic Colorist, Sarah Whitesell says, ‘I’ve seen more of my mature clients being taken from all over grey coverage to actually letting their beautiful silvers and greys show by complimenting them with sandy blondes tones to create natural, soft dimension. Blending silvers with blonde is a striking combination, but never doubt the beauty of a front-facing silver streak paired with a dark brown base.”

Platinum Locks

Silver Platinum Blonde Hair ColorJust like in 2014, platinum blonde is one of the most popular hair colors in 2015. Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence have opted for bright tresses this season. Bold hair color trends always start out in Hollywood and on the runways and then make their way to the rest of us. For this look, make sure you use a substantial conditioner, such as Organic Colour Systems Aqua Boost, to keep hair healthy, shiny and prevent breakage.

Flirty Metallic Pastels

Pastel Pink Hair Color
Light pink and lavender have been trending in recent years, however adding shiny, metallic finishes to this look gives it a little more punch in 2015. “For strands to reflect these shimmery tones, hair must be kept as healthy as possible. Since nearly all pastel hair colors require a lifting process, protein and moisture treatments will be a necessary component of this trend.”

It’s always great to know what’s trending, but don’t forget that your individual style, preferences and personality need to be reflected in what you show the world. You are the only “you” that there will ever be, make sure to rock it and love yourself and your locks!




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