Closed and Opened Doors

Closed and Opened Doors

As some of you may know, THE pedi-CURE changed addresses on May 1st. This has been such an exciting time for me as I’ve been dreaming of the next step of my business journey for a while. So many challenges and small miracles have happened in the last 2 years, especially in the last few months. The longer I experience life, the more I realize that God closes and opens doors for our benefit. Of course that’s easy to say when things are working out and we’re looking back on how everything lined up just right. I won’t lie, when a door slams shut I throw a tantrum or two. Hopefully though, the experience I’m about to share will be a great reminder to me that there is a bigger plan for our lives than our own.

Door Slammed Shut

Blocked DoorSince the beginning of this year I’ve been really focused on moving THE pedi-CURE to a larger location. I had been looking at different spaces for months, never finding one that met the needs of my business. That was until a cold day in January, when I looked at the perfect place. It was everything I’d been hoping for and I decided right then and there that this was where THE pedi-CURE was going to be (I can be pretty impulsive).

Fast forward a month; I get a rejection letter stating that the management company had decided to lease the space to another business. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed. I felt defeated and that growth for my business was unattainable. After I went to Dagwoods and ate a cheeseburger, chili-cheese fries and drank my weight in beer, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and said, “okay God, You make it happen in Your time.” I went about business and refocused on the task at hand: having a new website built.

Working Behind the Scenes

Fast forward 2 months; life was good and I was focusing my energy on making my website look amazing. One day while I was at work, Digital RGB, the design firm that was designing my website, sent me an email asking me if I’d ever thought of moving my practice? They saw a listing they thought was perfect for me and sent me the link. The listing looked promising but I was hesitant, as I was still feeling the sting of defeat from my last attempt at moving. However not wanting to miss an opportunity, I called and scheduled an appointment to see the space.

The space was better than the pictures! It turned out that two suites were being leased, but they would lease both to me if I wanted and take out a wall to make it a larger space. They would even put in sinks, paint and install new carpet! It was just so perfect.

The only thing holding me back was my current lease, which didn’t end until October. After thinking/praying on it for about a week, I signed the lease to the new space. I prayed that God would either bring someone along to take over my lease, or He would provide the extra money to pay for both. I felt scared, and every time I felt like I could puke, I kept saying “okay God I trust you.”

Weeks went by with no response to the ads I put out for my space. I can’t say I didn’t lay awake worried some nights, but I found comfort in remembering that God is rarely early, but usually right on time.

One week before I moved my practice, A woman came in and asked if she could see my space. She immediately felt this space was for her, and signed the lease to start May 1st!

Open Door Policy

Open Door PolicyFast forward present day; I’m in my new, beautiful space with no worries of having to pay my past lease. The ambiance of the building is better than anything I had looked at prior and the location (Okemos Road!) gives my business more street presence. Everything could not have worked out more perfectly.

Thank you Cyber City Cats for suggesting the new space, thank you to the Naturopath who took over my lease, and thank you God, for orchestrating all events and for saving me from myself. Your plans for me are better than mine. Thank you for closed doors and for the even better doors that you open.

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